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Parc Ivoloina consists of a 4 hectare zoological park within a 282 hectare forestry station and has become a regional center for conservation and education.

Parc Ivoloina is home to twelve different species of lemurs including the critically endangered black and white ruffed lemur, the greater bamboo lemur and the blue-eyed black lemur. We also have three species of nocturnal lemur, including the infamous aye-aye. You will be able to see all the lemur species while visiting the zoo, but make sure to keep a look out for free ranging lemurs while exploring the rest of the park.

At Ivoloina you will also find tortoises, boas, tomato frogs, and panther chameleons.  For the birder, malachite kingfishers, white-faced whistling ducks and many other bird species can be spotted around Lake Fulgence.

Note: While some animals were born in the forest, most of the animals at Parc Ivoloina were donated, exchanged with other zoos, or seized by the Malagasy government from illegal operations. All of the animals at Parc Ivoloina were obtained legally.

Tomato Frog (Dyscophus antongilii)

Greater Bamboo Lemur (Prolemur simus)

Radiated Turtoise (Astrochelys radiata)

Panther Chameleon (Furcifer pardalis)